Sergey Grishin is proactive, thoughtful an excellent Engineer. Always strives to achieve the task with maximum effect. Possesses extensive knowledge and excellent technical thinking in the associated areas. He has extensive experience in various fields of engineering.

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Experience of Sergei Petrovich Grishin includes the organization of training, substantiation of project-oriented works. Expertise of construction and design works in the field of architecture, civil engineering, sanitation and maintenance work for civil, transport and industrial use.

He participated in the planning and implementation of national and international projects in Kazakhstan and China. He has experience working with companies in Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands. His career began as an engineer in the field of gas processing and its transportation. Next, he was the head of a major production company for maintenance and restoration of housing, social services and utilities. After that, he continued his work as a technical director of capital construction in Astana, took part in the building of the new capital city of Astana Kazakhstan. He has experience with international consortia (CH2M HILL'S UK, Kisho Kurokawa Architect & Associates (KKAAA) and PCI-Japan).

During his stay in Kazakhstan, Sergey Grishin played an important role in the development of construction and restoration of the international airport of Astana. The project cost was 22 billion 122 million yen (about 200 million. Dollars US).

Sergey Grishin was born in Tselinograd Kaz. SSR (now the city of Astana) educated at the Civil Engineering Institute (University. Gumelёva, Astana), is married and has children. Until 2002 he lived and worked in Kazakhstan, currently a citizen of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. He enjoys photography, chess, computer-technology and web design. This site was completely self-made, as well as several others. Member of the Royal Institute of Engineers (KIVI, Netherlands).

Interested in philosophy of development of society and world outlook, including the history of the world and alternative technologies.

Overall experience:

Extensive experience in the construction and exploitation of housing, civil services and transport systems since 1980.

Career development covers a wide range of construction and engineering disciplines related to construction, maintenance and renovations of buildings and structures, including:

• Gas supply system of the city Tselinograd (Astana) and neighboring areas.
• Maintenance and renovations of structures for civil and welfare
• Acquisition of the project, preparation of construction documents and construction supervision of the buildings and structures for civil and social purposes, including for the PRC (China).
• The introduction of new technologies, training of the consulting staff. Control and technical support in the construction of buildings and structures for civil and socio-domestic purposes.
• The introduction and installation of new energy-saving technologies of heating systems and insulation.

Experience Sergey P. Grishin in detail:

Since 1997, the director of a private firm. Using energy-saving technologies and materials for buildings. Calculation of systems, the selection of components and delivery of technical advice on installation and operation.

2000 - 2002: Chief engineer of Management of Construction Enterprise Airport Astana. Acquisition of the project, preparation of construction documents and construction supervision of civil buildings and social amenities.


1990 - 2000: Deputy Director of UKS City Executive Committee. Acquisition, preparation of construction documents and construction supervision of buildings and structures of civil and social purposes, determining the volume of work performed, formal acceptance of completed projects.

1986 - 1990: Director of HBD. Exploitation, maintenance and restoration of buildings and structures of civil and social purposes. The staff consisted of 400 people.

1984 - 1985: combining the main activity with teaching discipline "Gas supply" in the Civil Engineering Institute.

1980 - 1986: Head of the CIC, the head of the production association of the regional PTB gas facilities. Securing and managing production and technical process of the gas transportation system in the region.